Single Point of Entry

As a designated Community Developmental Disability Organization (CDDO), Big Lakes is the single point of entry for services delivered to those who reside in Riley, Geary, Clay and Pottawatomie counties in Kansas. Our CDDO Quality Assurance/Eligibility Specialist can provide you with details on program qualifications as well as the types of services that are available in our area for individuals with an intellectual developmental disability. For a statewide CDDO map, click here.

General Admission Criteria

This agency complies with Title XX of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Big Lakes Developmental Center, Inc., as CDDO, uses the eligibility criteria as outlined in state policy, which apply to all individuals seeking admission into any of the programs affiliated with the CDDO.

Each person over 18 years of age and not adjudged by the court to be incompetent shall be considered to possess legal capacity and shall be responsible for signing forms for him/herself whenever possible.

The CDDO Quality Assurance/Eligibility Specialist will serve as the initial point of contact for individuals seeking admission into one of the programs or services available in the CDDO service area.

To view the definition of an Intellectual Developmental Disability in Kansas, click here.